Thailand is a very popular country for holidays and trips, especially among Israelis. Thailand offers the Israeli traveler exotic and peaceful landscapes along with turbulent entertainment, not to mention shopping at floor prices. The country is very diverse in terms of landscapes and cultures, and everyone will find something close to its heart: white beaches decorated with coconut trees that are perfect for the back belly, trekking between green mountains, beautiful cities with fascinating history, authentic villages where time stood still, temples and mosques, And wild animals, colorful markets and huge shopping malls.

Another way to see Thailand: Jeep tours

Because Thailand has so much to see and is not a very small country, travelers travel from place to place by public transport or internal flights. But another way to travel in Thailand, which is an experience in itself, is a thrilling jeep tour. A jeep tour in Thailand is suitable for all ages, and is a fun and enjoyable experience, during which you can get to know the beautiful places in Thailand, experience various attractions and connect with the local culture.

What to Know Before a Jeep Tour in Thailand?

If you want to combine a jeep tour with your visit to Thailand, there are a few things you need to know in order to prepare for it properly. Here are 7 things to know about a jeep trip in Thailand:

1. Track

Jeep tours take place in northern Thailand, so when planning your route in the area, take a jeep tour. Jeep tours in northern Thailand leave the city of Chiang Mai and usually include the Thailand-Laos-Burma border triangle, the golden temples in Doi-Suthep, the town of Pai, the long-necked tribe, stalactite caves, waterfalls, reptile farms and orchid farms. In addition, the tours include activities such as rafting, omagas and more.

2. Length of trip

Jeep companies operating in northern Thailand offer a range of jeep tours – from a one-day trip, including a jungle trip, a local tribe meeting, bamboo rafting and lunch; And up to a week trip, which allows you to reach many places and experience all the attractions in full. However, the most popular trip is the one that lasts three days – neither too long nor too short.

3. Alone or organized

In northern Thailand, two major companies offer Jeep tours – Thana and Red Brick. The tours that the two companies offer are quite similar in terms of conditions and the route, and the trips are relatively easy and suitable for families. There are other companies that offer more challenging trips, or more luxurious conditions (more spacious jeep, smaller groups, higher class hotels). It is also possible to organize the trip by yourself and to rent a jeep independently, but this may limit the travelers since a good recognition of the roads is required, and there is no guide that can help explain about the places you see on the way.

4. Pre-order

The jeep tours you chose are recommended in advance, for a number of reasons: you can control the date you want to make the trip without risking there being no available places; The tour companies are obligated to take trips on the requested date only to travelers who have booked them in advance; The prices are uniform in advance booking and reservation so there is no advantage to ordering in place; All companies offer free pick-up service from Chang Airport to those who booked the trip in advance.

5. Accommodation and meals

Organized jeep trips usually include accommodation in hotels, meals and entrance to all sites. Anyone who is interested in this can order kosher meals for a fee, which comes packed from the Chabad House in Chiang Mai for the entire trip.

6. Equipment

For the typical jeep trip (3 days) you should take a bag with clothes, a towel, toiletries, a camera of course, mosquito spray, and money for personal expenses. The rest of the equipment that you have and is not needed for the trip can be left on guard at the company organizing the trip.

7. Directories

The tour guides are friendly Thai-speaking Thai, who also know how to mumble a few words in Hebrew and play Israeli music for your enjoyment (Mashina, Eyal Golan, Mosh Ben Ari, Sarit Hadad and more).

Now you know the essential details that anyone who wants to take a jeep trip to Thailand should know. More detailed information can be obtained from the travel company from which you will book the tours, and possibly by your friends who made the trip themselves. What is certain is that you are on your way to an extraordinary experience, the memories of which will accompany you for many years.