Skydiving in Bangkok-Pattaya

Did you think Bungie Jumping was exciting? Wait until you jump off a plane

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Hamerkaz Lametayel offers you one of the most memorable attractions ever, that will make you scream with joy and remember your vacation for a long time. And everything – just a moment away from Bangkok. Did you think bungee jumping was exciting? Wait until you jump off an airplane.

The Skydiving is an attraction recommended by visitors and is carried out according to the strictest safety standards in the world.

Before you go out, you will receive a briefing and a comprehensive safety explanation. In addition, you will receive information about the altitude from which you will jump, information about the meeting point on the ground and how to operate at each stage.

You will be accompanied by instructors that have hundreds of jumps behind them, there’s nothing to worry!

It is superfluous to note the rush of adrenaline you will feel when you jump off the plane, the excitement and the sensation that will accompany you on the way down to the ground and long after the trip.

You will be able to see yourself in the sky with a DVD, which will be filmed by the crew.

Notice that this activity is not possible for people suffering from high blood pressure or heart problems.

If you have bungee jumped before or are planning to jump – do not pass up on the free fall. It is a once in a lifetime experience and suits only for the brave.

Hamerkaz Lametayel offers you the option to book discounted tickets at a cheaper price than on an independent reservation.

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