A Trip to the Floating Market of Damnoen Saduak

One of the most famous and colorful tourist destinations in Bangkok, which represents a growing trade culture in Thailand is the floating market - Damnoen Saduak

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One of Bangkok’s most famous and colorful tourist destinations, which represent a vanishing trade culture in Thailand, is the floating market – Damnoen Saduak.

The floating market is located in an area with more than 200 channels, which were excavated by the locals in 1866 at the order of King Rama IV in order to connect two large rivers in the region.

Located 100 km south-west of Bangkok, the market attracts hundreds of visitors worldwide and invites them to enjoy a wealth of local specialties such as coconut pancakes, fried bananas, noodle soup and a variety of fresh fruit, Along with beautiful souvenirs that will be an unforgettable memory of your trip to Thailand.

You can watch the local life in the market: market activity begins at dawn, local traders bring their boats, loaded with colorful goods and a variety of fresh tropical fruits coming straight from the field, until the early afternoon.

You can tour the market on foot and for a nominal fee – you can also cruise around the market.

It is recommended to visit the market on the weekends and in the early morning hours in order to avoid the hordes of tourists and heat and enjoy a relaxed visit.

The tour of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is an attraction for the entire family and is recommended for all visitors who refrain from arriving at the tourist stores and shops and want to enjoy an authentic and special visit.

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