Dream World Park

Dream World Park is a huge theme park about half an hour's drive from Bangkok.

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Come spend a fun day with the whole family in the Disneyland of Bangkok. DREAM WORLD is a huge theme park about half an hour’s drive from Bangkok.

In the dreamy park you will find more than 40 different types of attractions for kids and adults, such as roller coasters, carousels, ferris wheels, Fantasy Square, Dream Garden, bumper cars, boating, cable car and more.

Alongside the traditional attractions and park facilities, you can also enjoy elephant riding and visit the Ice Country – a frozen hall made of artificial ice that creates the illusion of a frozen, cold world. A cool and refreshing experience compared to Bangkok’s warm weather.

Additionally, you can also find a variety of shows and activities that take place around the complex.

Look out for a spectacular daily show called “The Festival of the Colors of the World”, which departs every day during the late afternoon and displays many cultures from different countries around the park.

The park also includes a fascinating new show called “Hollywood Stunt” – an extraordinary pyrotechnics show featuring professional stylists demonstrating various and dangerous effects, martial arts and a variety of secrets taken from Hollywood films. Action lovers will enjoy explosions, guns and lots of adrenaline.

The show takes place every day at 14:30 and on weekends and holidays at 16:30.

When you purchase a ticket to the “Dream World” park, you will also receive coupons for meals, transportation from the hotel and back, and entry to most of the facilities in the park.

The park receives a lot of praise from visitors from all over the world who have spent an enjoyable day together with the whole family.

Please note that on rainy days, some facilities may be closed.

The park operates every day between 10:00 and 17:00.

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