Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world. According to research firm Euromintor, millions of tourists visit it every year (10 million tourists in 2006) and is second only to London, the capital of England. What is the reason Bangkok attracts so many tourists? Well, there are a number of good reasons, and this article lists some of them.

1. Bangkok is the largest city in Thailand, with about 11 million residents living in Greater Bangkok. Bangkok’s international airport drains a huge amount of inbound tourism. Only for logistical reasons, many tourists who come to the Bangkok airport on their way to Thailand, will not give up the opportunity to take a few days to explore this wonderful Asian city before exploring the wonders of the rest of Thailand. Bangkok hotels can be found suitable for any budget, so there is no problem finding a place to stay, even if we are used to Western standards completely.

2. The city is full of shopping centers, and it is a paradise for those who love shopping and reality. The markets, the many shops, and especially the huge malls, all offer a plethora of clothing, footwear, electronics, toys and local art, all at attractive prices. Just be careful and make sure these are genuine products, so you should not be tempted to deal with unreasonable prices, especially if you do not define yourself as an expert on the type of products you are about to purchase. In principle, expensive products should be bought in old and well-known shops, or in shopping malls, because there is very little likelihood of fraud.

3. The city has many attractions for leisure and culinary enthusiasts. A great variety of Asian restaurants (including Thai restaurants of course) will offer you a selection of Far Eastern delicacies, bars, dance clubs, live shows and cabaret – will delight your nightly stay and a variety of interesting night activities, such as visiting night markets or a night guided taxi ride – will show you fascinating sights that will be engraved in your memory for a long time

4. For lovers of the history of the Far East Bangkok is a real paradise. There are many Buddhist temples in the city, including a variety of Buddha statues, some of them very special, such as the emerald Buddha statue in the Wat Phra Quo temple, or a huge gold statue of the Buddha in the Golden Buddha Temple.