The overload of attractions confuses you? Get the top ten attractions you should not miss in Thailand

Thailand is full of attractions for the whole family. As well as no attractions at all on the schedule, you can enjoy every minute of your trip (link to another article), but if you want to excite the children from now on, we gathered for you the ten attractions without which no family trip in Thailand was not perfect Of course, You can find dozens more parks, tours, trips and fun days in the kingdom – just look for them on our site, but especially if this is your first time as a family in Thailand,

Bangkok – Dream World Park

Dream World is Bangkok’s classic amusement park. Here you will find the (simple and wild) mountain trains, the oleander house, the huge dolls and the many stalls. But unlike Disneyland, prices are comfortable. This large park includes lots of excellent facilities (in excellent condition, unlike the amusement park in Israel), and you will not have to agonize every time you want to stop and grab ice cream or some soft drink. The entrance fee is also cheap and accessible for the whole family, and it is easy to transfer half a day of fun here.

Bangkok – Sea World

Sea World is located on the lower floor of the Siam Paragon Mall, which is another great reason to get to this mall (you will also find the Madame Tussauds museum and on the top floor a luxury cinema complex). The sea world is one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia, and you can see tens of thousands of different marine animals. The highlight is the open aquarium, which simulates an ocean with sharks, which will pass through a transparent tunnel.

Chiang Mai – A hiking trek in northern Thailand

Chiang Mai is an amazing starting point for Thailand’s wild nature. On the one hand, proximity to the endless forests, on the other hand a very warm and comfortable city. The entire family will enjoy a one-night stroll, where you will be able to see the green beauty of northern Thailand closely. You can choose the challenge level of the family adventure to make sure no one is left without air.

Chiang Mai – a trip to Doi Intenon

After you have mastered the necessary fitness, take a walk in the Doi Intenon Park. The colorful temple, located at the top of the park, is the highest point in Thailand, and from there you will continue a walk through the stunning park. Look at many species of birds and animals, wash in the many waterfalls, and especially be impressed by the infinite nature of this majestic mountain.

Pattaya – A trip to Umaga

The yogic trip has long become a must-see for families, and this trip by Flight of the Gibbon started the trend. What better way to experience the intricate vegetables of Thailand than to fly from one top to the next, with the little Gibbon monkeys jumping around you, and above you tropical birds. This is a recommended experience for the whole family (provided, of course, that no one has fear of heights).

Phuket – Fantasea Show

It’s hard to recommend a show that will be in everyone’s taste. But if you’re in Phuket, you just have to get to a fantasy show – it’s a show. To tell about the history of Thailand, this grandiose show has recruited 400 actors, dancers and acrobats, 40 elephants, special effects of all kinds and huge sets. Besides the show itself, the large complex offers many activities to the public, so you will receive an entire evening at the price of the concert ticket.

Phuket – A trip to the Khao Sok Nature Reserve

Khao Sok is perhaps the most beautiful nature reserve in the world, and many people give up visiting it due to logistical complications. Let us solve the problem for you. Just choose if you want one day or two days (including accommodation in local cabins) and take a trip to one of the most beautiful places you’ve ever been to, accompanied by an English-speaking guide. If you ask yourself where the breathtaking images of Thailand come from – this is the place.

Invisible Line – Day dives on the island

It is known that the beaches of Thailand are not only stunning outside. Under underwater you will find colorful and fascinating worlds. And if you want to see the most beautiful of the reefs, join a day of dives, which will take you by a large boat between the selected dive sites around Koh Samui. Between the spectacular dives you can relax on the boat, eat or eat something and prepare for the next destination.

Invisible Line – ATV Trip

For families looking for a bit more action, we strongly recommend this trip, which apart from the high speed and independent driving (from age 12 and above), will take you to beautiful and inaccessible trails on foot. Children under the age of 12 can join the trip as passengers and enjoy the speed and the view.

Hua Hin – Day trip in Amphawa and Hua Hin

This is one of the best ways to explore Hua Hin and Ampoua. The trip will take you between the unique floating market in Amphawa, through some of the most prominent temples in Thailand, to the picturesque fishing village and finally to one of the largest and most modern water parks in Thailand. A full day of family-friendly activities – the perfect setting for a fun day.