Chiang Mai

To give you an explanation of Chiang Mai (เชียงใหม่) - Capital of the north, we’ll go 700 years back in time. The rice fields turn into jungles, ancient cities come to life, shrink back to villages and disappear. We leave the kingdom of Sukkothai and come back to the kingdom of Lanna as we enter the Ping river. The year is 1292, king Mangray reigns over the huge Lanna kingdom - This kingdom will soon lose Laos and Myanmar, and it will join Ayutthaya to form Thailand as we know it. But in those days, the kingdom was very much alive, and the king decided to create a new city as its capital - Chiang Mai. In the heart of the northern forests, Between hills and mountains, rose a new city, surrounded by red walls and many temples.

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