The capital of Thailand, is a popular tourist attraction, not only because the airport is located in the area and millions of tourists arrive in the city, but thanks to a wide variety of attractions, events and cultural experiences. Amongst the many events taking place in Bangkok, there are quite a few festivals that are worthwhile and worth knowing:

Birthday of the King of Thailand

The Thai population acquires great respect for the king, since he is considered to be a loved one among the residents of the country. Every year in December, there is a big celebration for his birthday, which includes a majestic setting, pictures of the King, traditional music and if this is not enough, Thai residents decorate their homes as befits the celebration.

Incidentally, two days before the King’s birthday, a parade of colors was held, in which Royal Guard soldiers took part in the parade dressed in colorful uniforms, during which a swearing-in ceremony was held for the king.

The opening of the new year

On the last night of December, just before New Year’s Eve arrives, there are quite a few places in Bangkok that mark her coming with music, concerts and celebrations. The Thai New Year is celebrated in April (since it is based on the Buddhist calendar), but many places throughout the city mark the opening of the New Year.

By the way, quite a few hotels in Bangkok are celebrating the opening of the year with a variety of shows and celebrations in the hotel lobby, so it is better to ascertain what the plans of the hotel you will be staying in.

Chinese New Year

In February in Chinatown, Bangkok, Chinese New Year is celebrated in a spectacular, colorful and rich festival of Chinese culture. Along with traditional music, unique dances, ornate streets and fireworks, fine Chinese dishes can be enjoyed in a variety of venues during the festival period.

Thai New Year

The Songkran, the Thai New Year, is also called the Water Festival, due to the fact that the festival includes quite a few water wars throughout the country. The festival, celebrated in April, symbolizes the opening of the Thai year, and among other things, its purpose is to thank the rains in the country, as the weather in Thailand is known to be volatile. Festival events are characterized by a wide variety of celebrations such as street parades, traditional dances, costumes and more. The belief is that the water purifies the sins of the passing year, so do not be surprised if you notice people pouring water from the windows of their home to the passersby in the street.

Tip: If you plan to arrive in Thailand during the festival period, purchase waterproof coverings for your mobile devices as well as important documents stored in the bag you are traveling with.

Levi Karatung Festival

Every November, a unique and glamorous festival is held in Thailand, with several spectacular performances in Bangkok. The festival, also known as the Floating Lotus or Lights Festival, is one of the country’s most impressive festivals, as it features a unique fireworks show, traditional folklore shows and colorful festivities. The highlight of the festival is the boating boat sailing in the river. These boats are decorated and decorated with flowers and the flotilla is a special and unforgettable sight.

Queen ‘s birthday

The Thai Queen’s birthday is celebrated in August, and the city is decorated and decorated with a wide range of colors and decorative elements alongside performances and celebrations throughout the city.

The beer festival

Between November and January, the Thai beer festival takes place in several places around Thailand, and there are dedicated beer gardens for tourists and locals, and some of them even perform musical performances, dances and celebrations. In Bangkok you will find one of the most unique beer gardens, located at the World Trade Center Plaza.

There are quite a few events and a festival in Bangkok throughout the year, from the Chinese New Year to the Thai Capital Festival. Find out what festivals are taking place during your stay in Thailand, and do not miss the opportunity to take part in a traditional and special event.