The Golden Triangle, SOP RUAK, is actually the point of intersection between Thailand, Laos and Burma, and attracts many tourists traveling in the north. If you are planning a trip to Thailand, there is no doubt that the Golden Triangle is a worthwhile destination, so we have gathered all the relevant information for you.

What is the Golden Triangle?

There are several places in the world that consist of three different geographic regions that create a triangle, with one of these places located in northern Thailand. In fact, the intersection between Burma, Laos and Thailand creates the golden triangle of Thailand. In addition, the same point of intersection between the Ruak and Mekong rivers.

The Golden Triangle is one of the largest areas of the opium industry in Asia (the production and distribution of opium to Western countries), when it was once dominated by gangs of drug smugglers and it also knew quite a few events, one of them telling the story of the fighting between the Nationalist Army of China and communist rebels The desire to control the region and trade in opium. Recently, Thai authorities have managed to reduce the drug trade in the Golden Triangle, with most of the heroin coming not from Thailand but from Afghanistan.

A tourist and desirable area

In recent years it has become clear that the Golden Triangle has become a tourist destination and is popular among quite a few tourists who choose to travel to Thailand every year. In the 1990s the locals established various sites in the area, thus greatly assisting local tourism. Today, the Golden Triangle can be reached by jeep tour in northern Thailand, with the main experience being the Mekong River, directly to the market in Laos (or rather, the island of DON SAO, located in the river and associated with Laos). In the market you can purchase a wide variety of items, from bags and purses to cigarettes and local souvenirs, with all the goods on the market sold at very attractive prices. Incidentally, entering the island does not require a passport.

As mentioned, the Golden Triangle has established unique tourist sites that attract tourists from all over the world. Among these sites is the large golden Buddha statue, the Doi Tong complex and the opium palace.

The Buddha statue

In honor of Princess Sirkitt’s 60th birthday, the golden statue was built. If its huge size is not enough, next to it are two large elephant statues. As befits a tourist area, you will find food stalls as well as souvenir stalls in the area.

Doi Tong

The DOI TUNG complex contains quite a few spectacular gardens and unique views, so many choose to get to the area and be impressed by the beautiful vegetation.

Opium Hall

The unique museum located in the Golden Triangle area gives tourists a historical view of the region’s trade world, the days when gangs and drug dealers dominated it, as well as a display of various smoking utensils. Incidentally, there is another smaller museum in the area that also deals with the opium industry in the area and is called the opium house.

The Golden Triangle is among the most unique sites in northern Thailand, where it can be reached by a guided jeep tour (during which you can enjoy a shopping experience in the Laos market). There are quite a few tourist spots in the area, and you can not miss the golden Buddha statue because of its huge size. Planning a trip to northern Thailand? Do not miss a visit to the Golden Triangle, since this is a unique, spectacular and attractive area.