You should familiarize yourself with the less central areas of Thailand’s most prominent destinations, just in case you want a little quiet on your holiday.

Thailand does a very good job of making itself accessible to as many audiences as possible. What once belonged only to young adventurers, today also suitable for young couples, veteran travelers and families with young children. Still, it may be that the center of the center, which is supposed to suit everyone, will feel a bit too loud or noisy when you walk with the children. So we decided to recommend the best places to stay when you are traveling with the whole family.


In Bangkok, one of the busiest and most crowded cities, we recommend families to stay in the area of ​​Siam. It is located right on the most prominent shopping malls (like Siam Paragon), and puts you close to many attractions suitable for the whole family, a lot of good food and variety and also distancing you from the magnificent and noisy night scene Bangkok. Try to find a hotel that excels in its isolation within the Siam area for a winning location. The huge Sukhumvit Road will also be suitable for families, from the middle of the street and upwards (heading towards the higher-numbered streets). You will be close to the train, many activities suitable for children and even the new dinosaur park.

Chiang Mai

Try to find a hotel in the mountainside area. You will not be in the city center, but you can reach it easily and quickly by taxi. The atmosphere here is much calmer compared to the city center, and there are many parks and games suitable for children. There are fewer choices here for restaurants and bars, but enough for you to choose something that everyone will enjoy. You will also be close to the National Parks in the area, Doi Suthep Temple and Doi Intenon Park.


Here we recommend the Jomtien beach in the south of the city. You will not find a crazy nightlife there (which is good) and the beach is calm, cleaner and more beautiful, and less crowded than the others. Also, take into account that 5 star hotels in Pattaya do a great job isolating customers from the outside world, so it is also a possibility to let you live in the center and feel your own world.

Invisible line

Leave Chaweng Beach for young people and new hikers, and place yourself on the beautiful and peaceful Lamai Beach, or on the far and private Chuang Moon Beach. You’ll be a little way from the center, but if you have a good hotel, you’ll be sure the beach will be just amazing. Another option is to stay at Boppot Beach, which combines the comfort of the center with the tranquility of the remote beaches, and is right on the fishing village – the island’s active and colorful nightlife.

Phangan Line

If you did not come here for the Poulmon parties, you can get away from the Adrian coast. The most suitable beach for families on the island is Thong Nai Pan Yai. The water on the beach is very shallow and suitable for small children, the neighborhoods are quiet and pleasant and the hotels are varied and exist in a variety of price levels. Also Bang Charu Beach will suit families, as long as you do not come in the hot season (April to October), then the shallow waters simply disappear and the beach is relatively deep.


To get Phuket calm and quiet, go to Rawai Beach. It is less popular than Phuket’s big beaches, but is much more authentic and less flooded with tourists. The variety of hotels here is relatively small. Families will also appreciate Kamala Beach, which, apart from amazing hotels, also offers many restaurants, a breathtaking beach and close proximity to the main attractions on the island, so you will not feel too isolated.

Cao Lac

For a small place like Khao Lak, if you want peace and quiet – not hard to find. But to feel completely alone on this charming island, go to Kheuk Khak beach. It is about 8 kilometers from the island’s main street, and you will find the huge Marriott Hotel which makes the area very prestigious.


If Ao Nang is the most central and bustling beach, and Railay Beach is the most fashionable, we recommend Klong Muang Beach – north of Ao Nang, located in this quiet and narrow beach. There are few hotels on it and it is just beginning to become familiar to tourists – a great opportunity for you to discover it before everyone else. You will be close to many hiking trails in nature, and most hotels will offer free shuttle to the main beach so you can shop in the big markets before you return to the hotel.