Welcome to the beating heart of Bangkok.
khaosan Street is one of the most popular areas in Thailand and one of the most beloved to the Israeli hikers. Especially because there are quite a few businesses here and it’s always fun to feel a little home when you’re abroad, thank you.
But not just because of it. Not just because of that. We love it because it is lively, because it is abundant in attractions, because the atmosphere in it is addictive, because it is happy and that is not going to sleep. In fact, it has everything in it. Here you will find hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops and stalls (who asked for a cockroach on a skewer and not got?), Clubs, festivals and whatnot. Nothing will be missed. Well, maybe a little quiet. You will not find quiet here. There’s no space, because we’re talking about one of the more visited places, remember? So pretty crowded. But that’s it. If you can without these two, at least temporarily – you are arranged. And much more than that. You’re going to enjoy it big time. How did we say before? Welcome to the beating heart of Bangkok.

What is the khaosan? where is it? How do I get there?

Slowly, but it’s good that you asked. ‘Kwasan’, in Thai, means ‘raw rice’ and it was named after the days when a rice market was held there.
This is likely to be your first stop in Bangkok right after landing, or last, before you board your flight back to Israel. It is usually customary to start here, to experience some of the crazy atmosphere and then to relax in the islands. The khaosan is located on the left side of Bangkok, close to the King’s Palace, in a neighborhood called the “Bulamo”. On the lower floor of the airport you will be greeted with buses (until 23:00) and taxis that are used in the route and will know where to take you even if you do not take a word out of your mouth. If you decide to get on a taxi you will have to part from about 500 baht (which is about 50 shekels) and immediately afterwards you will probably not be able to resist all the temptations and shopping that the street has to offer, even though it is worth maintaining relative restraint. It may seem cheap to you, but you’ll still find cheaper places later (as you expect). There is a lot of fun waiting for you here, just keep in mind that the density is very high and therefore it is important to be alert and keep well on yourself and on the equipment with you.

We arrived, what now?

So there are several options. You can rent a room in one of Bangkok’s hotels, there are plenty, but keep in mind that it’s very noisy and quiet you probably will not have. You will certainly be close to everything, but there is a situation where you will not be able to close your eyes at night. Therefore, many travelers choose to stay away and settle in one of the nearby streets. We think this is the best option. Then, as soon as you put the bags down, go around. Eat, drink, spend, get to know the shopping world of Bangkok and enjoy the company of tourists from all over the world, as well as the company of locals. The Thais, just like us, very much love the khaosan and you will encounter them there quite a bit. Be aware of what is happening around you. You will likely encounter tribal women who will try to sell you handcrafted works – souvenirs, jewelry and wooden products (not difficult to identify, they are dressed in traditional clothing that is quite noticeable). It can be nice and can be oppressive, depending on who you fell in. In any case, not far from the khaosan there is a post office, you can send all the loot to Israel, so you will not get away with all the shopping during the trip.

So where are the Israelis?

Do not worry, you can not miss them. First identification means – root sandals. Two means of identification – bracelets on the hand. In addition to the hikers, there are quite a few restaurants, a travel agency and a Chabad house that will make you feel the most in the house, and you will not miss the huge signs that will be read to you in Hebrew. To escape to the familiar and beloved taste that will remind you of your mother’s cooking, you can visit the recommended ‘Shoshana’ restaurant, which will spoil you with hummus, shakshuka and shawarma, in the best tradition.There are also Israeli food in Baltmayl Thailand that will serve you more or less what Shoshana plus Jahnun and Borax And there is also the Chabad House for those who care about eating under kosher food. The “Tourist Center” and the “Israeli Connection” are two places where you can find out about routes to continue, buy tickets, surf the Internet and even call Israel at a reasonable price to tell everyone how much you enjoy and miss.