Quite a few couples come to Thailand to enjoy a couple vacation along with breathtaking views. Whether it’s a honeymoon trip, a wedding proposal, or a romantic vacation, Thailand offers its visitors a wide range of romantic and spectacular destinations. If you plan to fly to Thailand with the couple, we have arranged for you some romantic places to visit.

Riley Beach, Krabi – Phra Nang Beach

Riley Beach is one of the most unique areas in Thailand, with its spectacular view and impressive cliffs. Not only that, it has a jungle full of lush vegetation and a soft sand beach and attractions such as cafes and restaurants. Getting to Riley Beach is by sea, when you can board a boat or ferry from the central part of the island. Not only will the landscape give you a romantic atmosphere, but also the accommodation options in the area, including the unique cabins located near the sea and classic hotels beautiful honeymoon especially.

Phra Nang Beach is one of the most romantic beaches in the area, and not only because of the proximity of the cliffs to the water, but because of the relaxed atmosphere in the area. The uniqueness of the beach is that it does not provide a vibrant nightlife like other islands in Thailand, and therefore is an ideal destination for couples who want to enjoy a romantic and quiet holiday. Looking for attractions? You can register for a climbing course and go challenging on the spectacular cliffs, and you can also go on a romantic kayak cruise or enjoy snorkelling in the coral reef area. And what is most recommended? Just watch the sunset, with a bottle of wine, some snacks, and one big love.

A spectacular view in Kopi

Those who have not yet visited Kopifi have not been able to get to know the tranquil and special island that many tourists visit every year. True, this is a tourist area, yet it is a romantic destination for couples, if only because it is one of the most peaceful islands in Thailand. If you want a particularly romantic experience, go up to the observation area, and when you arrive around 16:30, you can watch the sunset from a relatively high point on the island, and enjoy breathtaking views. Here we will stop to note that the hike to the observation post is not complicated, and that there is an orderly path that can be walked, and that the hike is a nominal fee, so it is better to take money with you. It is important to note that there are quite a few restaurants in Thailand, and in Kopifi you can find restaurants of various kinds. At the same time, those who keep kosher may find it difficult to find an Israeli or kosher restaurant, and therefore it is advisable to prepare accordingly.

Chao Phraya River, Bangkok

It is usually the end of the holiday in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, and not only because the airport is located in the area, but to enjoy a shopping trip in the city’s unique shopping centers. On one of the last days of the holiday, and one shopping trip to another, it is recommended to reach the Chao Phraya River, the main river in Thailand that crosses Bangkok, and go on a romantic and relaxed cruise along with a good dinner. The cruise usually takes about two hours, during which you can see various tourist destinations in Bangkok, such as the Grand Palace and the Dawn Temple, which are uniquely illuminated in the evening.

There are quite a few ways to experience romance during your holiday in Thailand, and sometimes it is such simple attractions (like observation) that provide a unique and unforgettable experience. During planning your trip, try to combine romantic destinations and areas, as well as various romantic attractions, to give yourself the perfect couple vacation.