Spectacular beaches, breathtaking views and a wide range of attractions are among the elements that make tourists come to Thailand every year. When the climate in the region is a tropical climate, many plan their trip according to the seasons and at the same time tourist months. Planning to arrive in Thailand in May? We’ve collected all the information you need.

What should be considered when planners sought Thailand in May?

May is not the most touristy month in Thailand, due to the fact that the hot and tourist season ends in March and during this time it may rain. At the same time, the weather may be volatile, so it is important to take this consideration into consideration, but also to understand that there may not have been any rainfall at all. In any case, it is recommended to have a high SPF protection factor, as well as a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, which you do not need to bring with you from Israel, although they can be purchased in Thailand at very low prices.

In addition, the route of the trip should be planned in advance, and should be prepared in accordance with travel within the country, whether it is for domestic flights or for buses or ferries. Either way, because this is not a particularly touristy period, there is no density in attractive destinations throughout Thailand.

Hotels in Thailand

As noted above, this is not a particularly touristy period, so you can find quality hotels easily, and can very well be prices are cheaper than usual. Apart from the hotels there are other options such as hostels, guest houses and guest houses, so there is a fair selection of accommodation solutions at various prices. Consider the budget at your disposal and choose the most ideal lodging solution for you. It should also be noted that hotels are not necessarily expensive, so you should check prices in advance before making a decision or closing a hostel.

Tip: Find out if the rooms you are going to sleep in are comfortable and air-conditioned.

Weather Conditions

May comes after the end of the hot season, and is characterized by monsoons that may surprise you during the trip. We also note that this is an especially hot month, and therefore it is better to prepare accordingly. If you have a vacation in May, do not let the monsoons bother you, because although rain may come down, it is still a convenient time to travel in Thailand. Sometimes the monsoons last about half an hour and do not interfere with the rest of the trip, but in any case you should know that one-time coats can be purchased at the convenience stores (folded and do not take up much storage space). Anyone who wants to buy a folding umbrella and store it in a bag can be prepared for any scenario. Moreover, if you are going to travel in the wild or in open areas, you should be equipped with closed and comfortable sneakers.

Where will you travel in Thailand in May?

It is customary to start your trip in Thailand from the north, where it is possible and even desirable to register for a unique jeep trip that will take you to all the tourist spots in the area (including the long neck and golden triangle tribe). After a 3-4 day stay in the north, you should go to the South, where you will be impressed by the spectacular views of the beaches of Thailand, visit the spa and enjoy a lively nightlife. The last days of the trip should be moved in Bangkok, besides being the capital of Thailand, is also a wonderful destination for shopping. Whether your trip takes about two weeks or is about to last for about a month, you should read the article “Trip to Thailand – The Complete Guide”, which will give you all the necessary information necessary for planning the trip.

A vacation in Thailand in May, is undoubtedly a great vacation! We are at the Tourist Center, available to you for questions and we are here to help you plan the perfect trip. Whether you want to purchase various attractions, reserve places in hotels, consult about special activities, find out about restaurants in Thailand or even get to know the various transportation options – contact us and we will be happy to make your vacation unique and unforgettable!