A trip to Thailand has long ceased to be common to young people, and the country has been attracting more and more families with children in recent years. Well, it is not at all surprising, Thailand offers quite a few attractions for families and children, including theme parks and challenging activities. Furthermore, the unique animals and spectacular views make Thailand a particularly sought after destination.

Pack a suitcase

One of the essential elements of every trip is the packaging stage. Unlike other destinations, you can find in Thailand all the items you and your children need at very attractive prices. The intention is that even if you forget a certain item – the chance that you will find it in Thailand at a cheap price is quite high. So what should you pack? In addition, it is recommended to pack your favorite snacks with the children, since you can not get all kinds of snacks in Thailand (although there are Israeli places where you can find snacks from Israel).

Landing in Thailand!

The flight from Israel to Thailand lands in Bangkok, the capital of the country. If you have over two weeks in Thailand, you should start your trip in the north. If your trip takes two weeks, you may want to consider traveling only in one area or limiting your stay to any destination. The date of the flight is important, since there are months in which there is an unusually high rainfall. The tourist season in Thailand is between November and February, but even if you decide to fly to Thailand in October or in the months not mentioned above, you will know that it is entirely possible. The weather may be rainy occasionally, but rain falls for a while and is still hot and humid across the country.

Northern Thailand – Extreme attractions and experiences

To the north of Thailand you can take a domestic flight (also possible by bus), where you can register for a special experience jeep tour. This trip is highly recommended for families for a number of reasons: first, you are arranged for the three days of the trip, ie, the jeep tour lasts 3 days and during which you will reach a large number of destinations and tourist places, such as orchids farm, long neck tribe, golden triangle and more. In addition, you will usually meet other Israelis, so that the children will be able to meet new friends and spend time with them. The children will also be able to meet unique cultures and animals. Finally, during the trip the children will experience challenging attractions such as rafting and of course the jeep ride, since it is also a field trip some of the time. If you wish to stay for a few more days in northern Thailand, you can devote a full day to a family-friendly, family-friendly or a family-run Thai cooking course. Do not miss a tour of the Chiang Mai night market, the children and you will surely find a host of souvenirs and unique elements at attractive prices.

South Thailand – spectacular islands and magical scenery

After experiencing unique experiences in the north of the country, it is time to relax and enjoy the spectacular beaches of Thailand. The islands of Thailand are divided into two regions, on the western side are Phuket, Kopi and Krabi, while on the eastern side you will find Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and Kutau. You can start from any area you wish to, while arriving to the western part by plane to Phuket (or bus) and arriving to the eastern part is by plane to Koh Samui (or bus). Passing between the islands is done by sea, so you want to register for ferries in advance and reserve places at the times that are relevant to you.

From Phuket or Kobeipi, you can go on a 7-island cruise, where you will sail by boat to small, special islands. Not only is this an amazing experience, the cruise itself is a unique attraction for children, so it is highly recommended to take this trip. By the way, the water park in Patong, Phuket is one of the most popular attractions for families, so it is worth spending at least half a day.

Finish your trip in Bangkok – shopping and a host of activities

The last days of the trip should be moved in Bangkok, since the capital city has quite a few attractions to offer you. Beyond the major shopping centers, where you can spend a whole day, Bangkok itself has unique attractions that are suitable for children. Among the attractions are KIDZANIA, Siam City Park, Safari World, Sea World, 3D Museum, Snow World, Madame Tussauds Museum and more. Furthermore, tickets can be purchased for unique and spectacular shows. By the way, do not give up on a daily trip to Kanchanaburi, a town about two hours drive from Bangkok. Visit unique waterfalls, meet rare and magical animals and explore the riverfront markets. Beyond that, you can reach Hua Inn, which is also a two-hour drive from Bangkok, where you will find particularly enjoyable water parks such as the water park “Vana Nava Water Jungle” and the “Black Mountain Water Park” water park.

Traveling in Thailand with families, this is definitely a very pleasant and enjoyable trip. The country is full of attractions suitable for the whole family, and certainly rich in unforgettable experiences. Plan your trip well before your flight, so you can prepare for all the experiences you expect in advance.