Thailand is among the most popular destinations among travelers, and for good reason it is a fascinating, enchanting, unique and fascinating country that offers its visitors an unforgettable trip and experiences that will accompany them forever. The tendency among many travelers is to travel to Thailand for a period of one month, as this is a sufficient period of time for the ideal trip. How do you plan a trip to Thailand for a month? All details are listed in the following guide:

1. Plan a route

Planning the trip route to Thailand for a month is especially important, but at the same time you can be flexible during the trip and change the arrival times to destinations, including the duration of stay in each destination. You can travel in Thailand all year round. It is important to take into account that the weather in Thailand during the wet period, ie the period characterized by monsoons and rains, is between June and October. It does not mean that you can not travel these months, it means you’ll think it might rain suddenly in the middle of the trip. The good news – you’ll still be hot and humid.

A month is certainly a sufficient time to experience Thailand in all its layers. During this time, you can visit both North and South and enjoy everything the country offers you. Landing here in Bangkok, the capital city, and from there you can start your trip to reach northern Thailand.

Northern Thailand

The north was perceived as a particularly attractive area, thanks to the jeep tours that take place in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Jeep travel experience is among the unique experiences offered by the region, since the trip takes three days, during which you can visit unique destinations. Long-necked tribe, elephant riding, spectacular snake shows, holy sites, nature tours, challenging rafting, extreme activities and other attractions are just some of the experiences waiting for you in the jeep tour in the north. You can also spend another day exploring the jungles of Thailand amidst tall, spectacular trees.

It is also worth visiting the Chiang Mai night market, where you can find unique items at attractive prices.

South Thailand

4 days in the north, this is a reasonable time for those who prefer to take a trip to Thailand for a month, so you can fly to southern Thailand, because this is the calm, enchanting and beautiful area containing the islands of Thailand. The most recommended islands to stay are Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Kopipi and Phuket. While it is advisable to stay for a few days (3-5) in each of these destinations, the duration of your stay depends on the nature of your trip and your goals. While Phuket Island is the largest island in the country and is characterized by rich nightlife, cultural performances, extreme sports and plenty of abundance, Kopipi is a small, quiet island that gives its visitors peace and quiet. Moreover, plan your stay in Koh Phangan according to the party dates, especially the colorful Paul Mont Party – you just do not want to miss!

You can also spend two days in Patia, where you will enjoy many challenging attractions including water sports. It is also advisable to take a one day trip to Koh Tao Island, which is unique and beautiful, where you can dive and watch the magnificent water world.

In addition, you can take a seven-island trip from Phuket or Kopi, where you can visit seven beautiful islands. No camera can record this unique beauty, so you should try and experience the trip in the best possible way. Moreover, you should not miss visits to the spas located throughout Thailand, especially in the islands. The massages and treatments are offered for you at attractive prices and are a significant part of the experience Thailand offers to its tourists.

The migration between the islands is usually done by ferries, since there are islands that can be reached by sea only, as opposed to Phuket and Koh Samui, which can be reached by plane or bus.

Back to Bangkok

The last days of the trip should be spent in Bangkok, where you can shop, spend time in the big shopping areas, soak up the enchanted market atmosphere and enjoy unique attractions like visiting Kanchanaburi. Staying in Bangkok will sum up the trip to Thailand, it’s time to buy souvenirs, to renew in fashion details and to buy beautiful ornaments.

After you have finished planning the ideal itinerary, make a list of the various attractions and destinations you would like to visit in each area. Once the route is ready, you can move on to the next step and close flights and hotels.

2. Close flights, domestic flights and hotels

The flight to Thailand should be closed in advance in order to reserve a place for the relevant travel dates for you. Find out about flight times and reserve a place on a round trip and return flight according to your desired travel times.

Different travelers prefer not to close in advance the hotels they will be staying in, including their arrival routes from island to island or between cities, so as not to stick to a built-in route and to be flexible during the periods in which they will stay in each area. In spite of this, the internal flights and stay in the hotels in the first few days, preferably preferably close in advance, both to save costs and in order not to reach the situation where you are left without space on the flight relevant for you or without a place to spend the first nights.

Accommodation options in Thailand are varied. There are luxury hotels, classic hotels, guest house, hostels and more. Although many prefer to save costs during the trip and look for cheap accommodation alternatives, but also take into account the cost of stay in quality hotels is particularly attractive.

3. Packing a suitcase

A trip to Thailand for a month may sound like a trip to which many things must be packed, but in fact the opposite is true. In Thailand you will find many items that are significantly cheaper than their prices in Israel, so most travelers prefer to purchase different products when they reach their destination. What is important to pack? First, if you are taking pills or drugs, you should take them with you in a small first aid kit. In addition, you should pack a few clothes, a bathing suit, comfortable shoes and a long shirt if you stay in the north during a cool period. Toiletries, jerseys, mosquito repellent, flip flops etc. are items that you can purchase in Thailand, so they will save you extra weight in the suitcase. In Thailand, there are also a variety of unique bathing suits with colorful jerseys and dresses, so there is no need to pack many items of clothing. By the way, you should take a backpack to board the plane, it will serve you both during tours and day trips in Thailand itself.

After you have completed a flight, plan a route and pack a suitcase, all you have left now is to have a wide smile – you are embarking on one of the most unique and enjoyable trips! Have a nice flight ?