The trip to Thailand has many experiences, many of which come to the islands and tourist areas to witness Thailand’s spectacular beaches, enjoy massages and spa treatments at attractive prices, visit malls and local markets and participate in parties until the morning. At the same time, some prefer to combine nature trips, including trekking, on vacation. What are the best treks in Thailand? We’ve compiled some recommendations for you:

The tallest mountain in Thailand: Doi Intenon

Northern Thailand is a great destination for trek enthusiasts, because you can find quite a few routes in the area, whether it is trekking or trekking. One of the recommended treks is hidden in the 2,565-meter-high mountain, Doi Inthanon, which is located in a nature reserve with the same name. The trek includes climbing to the top of the high mountain, visiting local villages (such as the village of the Karen tribe), hiking in the forests, wading through the waterfalls and more. It is important to note that the trek is done by car, and it is advisable to do so in an orderly and organized manner in order to enjoy the trip in the best possible way. Also note that the trails are not marked, so it is important to prepare for the trip accordingly.

By the way, there are quite a few bird species in the area (over 300 species), so you should open your eyes, scan the area and enjoy everything nature offers you.

Province of Nan

If you want to plan a trek in northern Thailand, consider NAN. In the province you will find not one or two, but 6 national parks from which you go on field trips, some of which even include accommodation. In Banan you can meet new cultures such as the Malabari and the Hmong, and of course visit holy places, and even enjoy unique extreme experiences such as rafting (preferably between July and December).

Chang Dao

If we are dealing with trekking in the north, it is better to note Chiang Dao, which is not far from Chiang Mai. Almost every trip to Thailand begins in the north, and for good reason, northern Thailand has quite a bit to offer. Chang Dao is an ideal destination for most types of travelers, as the treks in this area can be simple and include daily walking trails with low levels of difficulty, and you can also embark on challenging trekking that lasts for a few days, In the river and experience nature in all its splendor.

Khao Yai Nature Reserve

Khao Yai National Nature Reserve is located 180 km from the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, and contains quite a few spectacular and unique destinations, a nature reserve declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can go for a variety of treks in the area, whether you want to take a one-day day trip or choose to climb mountains and take a few days of trekking in the rainforest. In the reserve you can meet unique wildlife, reach various waterfalls (there are 44 waterfalls in the reserve), enjoy a spectacular view of the local vegetation (over 3000 species), get to various viewpoints, take a variety of hiking trails, get to the bat cave and take part in the night safari experience . Some of the tracks require professional training, so it is important that you prepare for them.

Mount Foo Karadong

In Louis County, there are some great destinations, but if you’re looking for a unique trek, you should go to Phu Kradueng Mountain. The height of the mountain is about 1,360 meters, and during the climb you can meet local wildlife, spectacular waterfalls and forests. There is also a nature reserve where you can see a lot of orchids. This is a one-day trek because the route is 9 km long, and in fact it is suitable for all types of travelers.

Mount Cao Luang

If you are vacationing in the South, enjoy the spectacular views of the islands and take advantage of the sun to spend time in the sea – and you will want to diversify your vacation with a unique trek on Khao Luang Mountain in the south of the country. You can choose a short 3-km route or even a longer route that includes space-based accommodation when you reach the top of the mountain (1,835 meters high).

By the way, it is recommended to go trek with a local and professional guide, because there are quite a few animals in the area, including tigers and bears.

Umfang Nature Reserve

Umpang Nature Reserve is located in north-west Thailand. It is home to the Mekong River and contains quite a few waterfalls, streams and forests, along with spectacular cliffs and local tribes. Keep in mind that this is a trek for those who are good at hiking, and therefore not suitable for all types of travelers. Also, you should avoid traveling in the area during the rainy season. The duration of the trip is about three days, and the exit is recommended in groups only and in an organized manner. The nature reserve can be reached from Chiang Mai or Bangkok. By the way, in 1991, the reserve was declared a national heritage site by UNESCO.

In addition to the treks mentioned above, there are other nature reserves as well as attractive destinations to reach. Plan your route the best, and take into account the estimated time periods for each trek, so you can prepare for it in advance. It is recommended to go trekking accompanied by a professional guide, when you have to prepare with appropriate equipment depending on the duration of the trip. Have fun!