The weather seasons in Thailand

Do you know what’s good in Thailand? I mean, apart from the amazing beaches, that’s clear. Also,

Except for endless shopping, parties, pubs and restaurants. So yes, apart from all this, do you know what else is good in Thailand? Weather in Thailand. True, it is quite fickle and may surprise, but it is still a popular and popular destination all year round, so if a little rain does not deter you, you made a good choice. And do not forget that Thailand is a tropical country with high humidity, that is, no matter how much rain falls on you, cold you will not feel. No matter how much rain falls on you, Thailand is fun and full of attractions in all weather conditions, so boring is not going to be for you. It’s not that you’re going to be closed in the hotel, forget it.

Nevertheless, it is customary to divide the weather in Thailand into three seasons – the cold season, the hot season and the rainy season. But remember what we said before? Even when it rains, Thailand did not really happen, so there is another division – the dry season and the rainy season. You will decide which division you adopt, we will in any case tell you all the possibilities:

Cold season – November to February

You may be surprised to hear, but these are the ideal months for a trip to Thailand. It’s not too hot, the heavy rains are more or less behind us and in between there’s a Christmas that brings with it a bunch of crazy end-of-year parties. In short, this is the time. No matter how you look at it, the weather at this time is relatively comfortable and comfortable, but of course you will have to pay for this pleasure a little more than you would pay if you had chosen another period. For example, in the hot season.

Hot season – March to May

How hot? rage. Very hot. Thailand ‘s hottest offer. These are months that will make you wet, and not just because of the rain, if you understand what we mean. These months are sweating in them and therefore it is recommended to spend them in air-conditioned malls, in the hotel’s pool or on the beaches. As we have said, there will always be something to do in Thailand, but for people who suffer from heat these months can certainly be oppressive.

So far, the relative dry seasons of Thailand. These are seasons when rain is scarce, although there are always surprises. Do you know monsoons? Rain out of nowhere? Leave rain, we talk about flood. A flood when the sun shines in the sky. Here it comes, take out umbrellas.

The rainy season – June to October

The Monsoon Season. A season of heavy rains. Rain that can last for a few minutes and on the other can last three and four hours in a row. This is a season in which the sun will shine in all its splendor and a few hours later it will have no memory. It’s a season where a strong rain will sweep the streets and a few minutes later there will be no sign of it. Yes, that’s right. A season in which the rain and the sun are intertwined. Flooding, too, is not a dirty word, and there may well be some here and there. In short, this is a surprising season, especially crazy and wet, and yet, despite all this, it is one of the most exciting seasons, especially since it falls at a time when many are on summer vacations around the world. so what are we doing? Hikers! There are enough things to do even when the sky showers. First of all, the weather will continue to be hot and humid, so if it is dripping, it should not prevent you from the planned activity and certainly not disrupt the day. In extreme cases, when it rains hard, it is recommended to take shelter and spend time in a cozy restaurant or one of the more common luxuries that Thailand has to offer … Say, when was the last time you enjoyed a good massage?

Now we want to clarify something, the monsoons can surprise each and every moment. But they are not supposed to disturb too much during the trip and you will be surprised to find out how quickly the sun will shine again as soon as you stop. In any case, the secret is in planning. Every region and island in Thailand has different weather conditions. In general, the picture is pretty similar, but the average monthly rain days definitely vary from place to place. We recommend that you check it out early to know how to plan your trip correctly. Whatever it is, you probably will not be able to escape completely by surprise, and you know what, it’s a good thing that you are. This is one of Thailand’s most enjoyable and unique experiences.

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